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Men's Golf at Florence Country Club

Welcome to Men's Golf at Florence Country Club!  The Golf Shop keeps things exciting with plenty of tournaments, nightly games and family events.

The Behr Cup is a team competition that is held in October.  There are (2) teams that compete against each other, each comprised of 12 players (6 Gross and 6 Net), in a Ryder Cup format.  The qualifying process begins in March and runs though September.  Points are awarded in 6 events for both Gross and Net finishes.

(6) Qualifying Events
Season Opener
Masters Member-Member
Club Championship
Men's Member-Guest
One-Day Medal Play
Match Play Weekend
If you prefer a weekday game of golf we have several options for you to choose from as well.  These, just like the weekend groups, are a non-fully committal group and you can come on any or all days that you are able to attend.  Again, all we ask is that you call the Pro Shop by the designated time at 843-662-1413 to make your reservation to aid in group matching.

Dogfights: Offered Tuesday-Friday year round at 12:30pm (1pm during daylight savings time).  This is a great way to meet and play with different members.  Please call the Pro Shop by 11am that day to sign-up for play.

Men's Night Out: One of our most popular events!  Offered March through September as a 4pm Shotgun Start.  Members make-up four man teams and will play a different format each month.  Cocktails and food served after play. Call the Pro Shop by 12pm the day of play to sign-up.

Wednesday Night Scramble: Offered through daylight savings time.  Tee off at 5:30pm. (2) Man teams, format varies.  Call the Pro Shop by 4pm the day of play to sign-up.

If you are looking for Golf Groups on the weekend to join we have a couple of options for you.  THese are not full commitment groups and you can pick and choose the day you play. Please, take note of the sign-up date and time and call the Pro Shop at 843-662-1413 respectively.  This will ensure that we are able to help make appropriate teams.

Saturdays: "Craddock Group"- Offered each Saturday year round at 8:30am.  Please call the Pro Shop by 5pm on Friday the night before to sign-up.

Sundays: "Jones Group"- Offered each Sunday year round at 1pm.  Please call the Pro Shop by 11am that day to sign-up.

Does your wife like to play golf?  Florence Country Club also offers Couples Sundowners.  This is another one of our really popular and fun events!  We offer Couples Sundowners May through September starting at 5pm with a shotgun start.  Format is 9 holes "Captains Choice", (4) Person teams.  Food and cocktails served after play.  Tees moved up to accommodate the beginner golfers.  Call the Pro Shop, at 843-662-1413, by 3pm the day of play.